The future is not yet written….

Like many people the Covid-19 lockdown has given me time to think, dig out some all photographs and reflect on the crazy path that got me to where I am now. Here are two picture taken 30 years apart the first is a picture of me back in 1988 after a hill walk and the second is my Citroen H van which finally got on the road in 2018.

This 1988 picture got me thinking about all the things that happened after it was taken that were not on my ‘radar’ at the time and I would never have predicted. From the collapse of the Berlin Wall, to Facebook, Google and the launch of the iPhone. On a personal level from marriage, kids and completing all the Munros (Scottish Hills over 3,000 ft) to establishing Blue Ptarmigan and restoring an old Citroen H van. In other words, the future had yet to be written.

Similarly, as we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown , one of the key learnings that this pandemic has taught the world is that we cannot predict the future (even although many in hindsight will say they saw it coming!) or assume our diary and future plans will always happen. As we ponder what next, what will be our new norm and what does it all mean for us whether from a personal, work or business perspective we should remember that it is a blank page. The future is not yet written and it is up to ourselves to start writing it. What will be the next chapter in your journey, what direction are you going in or as I often ask people, what are you going to start doing, stop doing or continue to do?

Your autobiography is being written today so what will it be….?