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Online Services

We are continuing to work with all our clients ‘old and new’ during the current Covid-19 pandemic online. We are comfortable using all the main online platforms and especially both Microsoft Teams and Zoom. However, we can also use GoToMeetings, Skype for Business, WhatsApp etc. Our key insight has been that the biggest blocker to […]

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Which Way?

Which Way? It is well recognised that you cannot lead others well, until you can lead yourself. You need to be clear about your values and use them as your foundations to guide your decisions and choices. These are most useful in times of uncertainty and when there is great ambiguity. There will be many […]

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Learning to say, No!

Learning to say, No! How frequently have you obliged a customer, client or boss when all you wanted to say was sorry but no? I recently, had a conversation with a client who was extremely busy with work. He was struggling to cope with the volume of work he had on and it was coming […]

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