There is a direct link between your organisation’s success and the performance of your people.

Our focus is to improve the performance of your people by focusing on their ‘motivation, focus and capability’ to do their role. This unique blend of attributes is key to gaining a competitive advantage and enhancing the performance of your people and your organisation.

In particular we specialise in:

  • Leadership and management development – from board level to first appointments and from behaviours to skill development.
  • Coaching and mentoring – including one to one coaching and mentoring blending challenge and support, to workshops on how to coach and mentor people.
  • Training Evaluation – specialists in Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training evaluation and being to assess the organisational benefit (if any) of any training workshops or programmes.  Want to know if your inhouse training or training provider is adding value?
  • People motivation and engagement – from self-motivation, creating belief and career coaching to leading teams and people engagement strategies.
  • Change management – including personal, organisational process and organisational structural changes.
  • Strategy development and delivery – from marketplace analysis to day-to-day delivery but in a simple format.
  • Operational and business process improvements – efficiency and effectiveness improvements driven and owned by your people.
  • Customer and Client care – how to make sure this is delivered 24/7, walk in the customers shoes and understand the importance of choosing your attitude.
  • Workshop and Conference facilitation – lively, stimulating environments that are both engaging and output focused.
  • Resilience – personal and business resilience from a people perspective.
  • Difficult conversations and conflict management – dealing with issues in the moment rather than letting them fester and impact performance.
  • Performance Management – how to bring clarity and focus through T-STAR conversations and look after yourself through the process.
  • Situational appraisals – truly understanding what is going on in your organisation.
  • And many more topics – just ask and we will let you know if we can help…
  • System-Four is a unique, but simple business improvement methodology. The approach uses the collective intelligence of your people to find quick solutions to complex issues.

If you would like more detail on our approach, methodology, models and tools please just get in contact.