Kenny is a successful commercially led ‘can do’ professional with 35 years demonstrable international senior leadership experience of achievement, gained across multiple sectors in fast-moving environments. A team player with a strong sense of value and integrity, who has the ability and experience to question purpose, and drive direction with long-term vision across disciplines & across cultures, with a focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Following a successful employed career, in 2010 Kenny embarked on building a ‘Portfolio Career’ as a Blue Ptarmigan Associate, Consultant, Chair/NxD, Advisor and Coach/Mentor working with Scottish SMEs with a focus on governance, strategy development/strategic relationships and sustainable business growth.

He naturally brings a zest, passion and team spirit to the incessant drive for increased profitability, business growth and greater cost effectiveness. Kenny has a track record in creating an environment suitable for business/individual growth & expression while leading professional teams to positively impact an organisation’s performance & profitability. His passion is to increase client/customer satisfaction & have ‘fun’ within our working life.

His specialties are: Business Growth, Leadership Development, Strategy Development and Delivery, People Management, Coaching and Client/3rd Party Relationships.

Interesting Info: When not working he loves travelling, walking and photography and of course socialising!